House Cleaning Services

Your Happy, Healthy Home

Life moves fast and we understand it isn't easy to stay on top of everything, all of the time.  We also understand that everyone should enjoy the comfort that comes form living in a clean home.

Sparkle Edges house cleaning services are designed around our clients' lives helping them reap the benefits of a spotless home.

deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services

Before we begin our regularly scheduled cleaning services Sparkle Edge performs a Deep Cleaning of our client's home, spending extra time on those tasks that may need a little extra attention the first time.

This sets the standard for the follow up visits insuring you have a spotless house every time we come in.

Another benefit of the Sparkle Edge Recurring Service Program whether it is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, is that we will perform a Deep Cleaning at different intervals throughout the year.

Recurring Cleaning Services

The Key to a Home that Sparkles is Regularity.

We have high standards. We treat your home as though it is our home.  We try to schedule the same team to clean your home so that you have peace of mind knowing who is in your home and are familiar with your specific cleaning expectations.

If we need to send a different team, we will inform you in advance so you can decide to reschedule or agree to the change.

Honesty and trust is one number one priority in which we would never compromise.


Punctual Service

Some of our clients require "Same-Day, Same-Time" services, where others prefer a more flexible schedule.  Regardless of your schedule requirements the Sparkle Edge Teams will show up and perform a stellar service to suit your needs.


Healthier Living Spaces

Sparkle Edge Regularly scheduled services prevent the build up of mold, dust, mites and other allergens which can become contributing factors to asthma and other maladies.


Our Standards are Exceptional

We clean throughout the house:

  • Vacuum carpets, mop tile & wood floors
  • Empty trash
  • Dust decorative items (lamps, wall decor, picture frames, etc.)
  • Dust baseboards, windowsills & blinds (on alternating visits)
  • Dust ceiling lights fixtures & fans (within a 3 step ladder reach, on alternating visits)
  • Dust door frames (on alternating visits)

We clean in the kitchen:

  • Wipe down appliances (external*)
  • Wipe down counter tops and backsplash
  • Wipe down tables and chairs
  • Wipe down cabinets (external only)
  • Wipe down and polish sinks and faucets

We clean in the bathrooms:

  • Disinfect tubs and showers
  • Disinfect toilets in/out
  • Wipe down counter tops
  • Clean mirrors to a spotless finish
  • Wipe down and polish sinks and faucets

Living areas: (bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room, hallway, stairs)

  • Dust furniture
  • Dust underneath furniture
    (if accessible)
  • Straighten decorative pillows

Add-ons at an extra cost:

  • *Clean inside appliances
  • Change linens
  • Deep cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect (includes commonly touched areas)

"Enjoy Your Home, let Sparkle Edge Worry About Keeping it Clean."

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