Office Cleaning Services

First Impressions are Everything!

Maintaining a clean facility is critical to your employees, management team and clients who frequent your office. More importantly, in today’s environment, you want to assure your company team that you are sensitive to viruses and germs.

Sparkle Edge understands the importance of a clean office and work environment.

We also understand that we can't interrupt your day to day operations and will schedule off hour services as required.


What benefits does Sparkle Edge offer?

  • Skilled professionals maintaining your work environment
  • Prompt and courteous customer service, who responds to all needs
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Attention to detail
  • Customized cleaning packages that fit your needs
  • Flexible schedules based on times needed

Quality Control

We have developed stringent quality control systems with daily checklists, monthly checklists and quarterly checklists along with maintenance logs to document our performance.



Training is essential.

Our teams are trained both onsite and offsite to learn new and innovative cleaning equipment, products and techniques.

An example would be our focus on creating clean, safe and healthy environment, minimizing bacteria and viruses by focusing on commonly touched areas and surfaces and the best methods to clean and disinfect them.

To make sure the training sticks we include a "High Touch Cleaning" section in our  checklists as part of our quality control.  Examples of high-touch areas include doorknobs, countertops and toilet handles.  All are expertly disinfected and sanitized, reducing the spread of germs and decreasing the chances of spreading sickness among employees. Your employees will be happy knowing that they are working in a clean and healthy environment.

We believe that we will make a lasting impression on your facility with our strict quality control guidelines and attention to every detail.

Experience the Sparkle Edge Difference

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