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Minimize the Spread of COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, spreads across the country and around the world, we stand ready to help local schools, government entities, and businesses minimize the public health risks posed by the virus.

We are uniquely qualified and well-equipped with the proper protocols and training necessary to clean facilities affected by pathogenic outbreaks. Whether you run a medical office, a restaurant, a gym, a daycare center, or any other kind of facility, we can help you keep it clean, safe, and sanitary.


Professional Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting

In our cleaning and disinfecting processes, we only use products that are deemed effective according to the Emerging Pathogen Standard set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. While no cleaning product can claim to eliminate this particular strain of the coronavirus, our products meet the EPA’s standard and are likely effective against COVID-19.

If you think that your place of business may have been exposed to this virus, or if you want to improve your cleaning regimen to minimize operational disruptions and put visitors at ease, we invite you to contact us to schedule a site visit and personalized cleaning quote.

You can help.

While we’re ready to help any local business that’s been affected by the coronavirus, there are numerous preventive measures business owners can take to reduce the risk to clients, employees, and building visitors. Here are a few things managers and owners can do today to make their facilities safer.

  • Emphasize good hand hygiene by employees. Managers should instruct workers to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, using soap and warm water. Use touchless dispensers for paper towels and soap where possible, and display hygiene posters near handwashing areas. We can provide those posters if needed.
  • Keep plenty of cleaning supplies on hand. Once we’ve disinfected and cleaned your facility, we can guide you in the right direction.
  • Emphasize good respiratory etiquette. Instruct workers to cover their mouths with tissues, or to cough into an elbow or shoulder. The CDC recommends you wear a mask.
  • Provide touchless trash cans for workers. This will minimize the spread of the virus by keeping it out of high-touch areas.
  • Perform frequent environmental cleaning. The focus should be on highly trafficked areas. As much as needed, disinfect and clean surfaces such as light switches, door handles, handrails, phones, elevator buttons, coffee stations, microwaves, water fountains, chair armrests, workstations, shared literature, and tables. Consider providing employees with antiseptic cloths so they can regularly clean these areas throughout the day.
  • Encourage employees to stay home if they feel unwell. By separating and avoiding contact with people who are ill, it’s possible to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Encourage those with symptoms of respiratory sickness to remain at home. Maintain a flexible policy, in line with public health guidelines, that allows employees to stay at home.
  • Avoid contact with those who are sick. This will also minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Don’t touch your mouth, eyes, and nose, as these are the most common entry points for the virus.

Additionally, any worker who feels well but has a household member with the coronavirus should notify the manager and others in the facility.

The coronavirus is changing the way businesses operate, but one thing hasn’t changed:
Our commitment to our clients.


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